Getting into shape made easier with FitOrbit personal online training

FitOrbit has taken the matter of getting you back in shape in its hands and offers you personalized weight loss programs. The last few years have seen a vast change in the perspective of people from all walks of life finally take fitness seriously. Now-a-days it is not just a model who strives to keep her body shape intact, but even the conven

tional housewife and a regular office going professional is equally conscious about how she looks. Gone are the days when one could be contented in any shape one was, after all round is a shape too. Personal fitness has become a matter of concern for all age groups across various strata of the society.

Why personalized programs

This is where you need a personalized training as every body has a completely different set of needs and requirements. FitOrbit believes in understanding your body’s constitution and then devices a weight loss program exclusively for you. The programs are devised keeping in mind the lifestyle you lead and the adjustments are made not by you but by the program devised for you.

Advantages of an online training program

An online training program is immensely useful as it lets you track your progress and daily work-out even when you are on the go. No longer hunting for the diary and then seeing that you missed making entries for a number of days.

Your daily workouts are available online with top-quality photographs for you to know exactly the way you need to go about them. Your diet plan for the day is also available online and they have some yummy foods that are not just ideal for losing weight but are satisfying to your palate too.

Another great advantage is the time you save as you no longer need to rush to meet your trainer or nutritionist as you have your trainer with you all the while. Keeping in mind the crazy working hours of professionals you could certainly not ask for more.

There are charts available online wherein you feed your diet consumes and get to know your daily consumption of calories in seconds. This way tracking your diet becomes extremely easy. Now you can’t just get away by feigning ignorance on how many calories you gulped down while gorging in the party last night.

You get a wide range of food recipes that you can easily prepare at home. The highlight of FitOrbit is the online tracking interactive tool that lets you trace back your weight loss chart from the time you started to date.

Success stories

This is not just about any online trainer program; there are numerous success stories that have been able to successfully achieve their goals and are today leading a healthier life. If you enroll for a personal trainer then you can expect to be spending around $720 per month. Apart from that you would also need to consult a nutritionist who would charge you another $300 per month which takes the total cost to approx $1000. With FitOrbit you would spend just $40 per month and avail all the above mentioned benefits and be able to easily achieve your weight loss goals.

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